Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ideas! Ideas! Ideas!

How do I come up with ideas?  Mostly in my dreams.  Okay, I know that sounds a little out there, but it’s true.  I actually have dreams where I “watch” my story.  Sometimes it may only be one or two scenes, but it’s enough to create an idea.

After my idea is created, I record it in a Word doc that I keep just for this purpose.  Currently I have well over 30 ideas recorded.  In the doc, I separate it into these categories:  Teen, Soldier, Historical and Contemporary.  Most of my ideas are contemporary, but there are a few others that sneak through.  And my husband just came up with a great Sci-Fi idea!  So, I need to create a new section for that.  Not really my thing, but the idea is really great. 

At first, I just put down a few sentences to make sure I remember it for the future.  If I have names or other information, I will add it.  At this point, I actually go through the story in my mind.  I work it from the beginning to the end.  It can take anywhere from a few days to a couple weeks to flesh out the basic details.  I just keep it rolling in my head until the right situation leads to the next.  If something doesn’t sit right with it, I keep thinking until I find what is right.

Eventually, I get back to my Ideas log and record more information.  This way I know all the details for when it’s ready to work into a full blown synopsis.  From here, I select and idea and start to actually write the synopsis, character interview and novel. (Okay, so I haven’t actually written a novel yet, but that’s why I’m here right?)

As I said, most of my ideas come from dreams, but not all.  A couple months ago, I was walking into to a Chinese restaurant for takeout.  While walking up to the door, an idea hit me - out of nowhere.  Another time, I was grocery shopping and saw a couple and bang – an idea!  I never know when or how I’m going to get the idea, but they always keep coming.

I really feel that God sends me these ideas.  I want to use my writing to show God’s love for others and I pray that He uses me in this way.  So, I really believe that He has given me this talent.  Now, I need to use that talent to get this book done.  So, I’m going to keep working on getting the first chapter REALLY done… as soon as this idea I currently have going is out of my head.