Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Winter’s End" By Ruth Logan Herne

Immediately upon reading the back cover’s description of Kayla, a hospice nurse, caring for Marc’s father, I felt drawn to this book. I have not had an experience with home hospice care, but I do have experience with hospice care. My grandfather passed away 5 years ago this past March from COPD/Emphysema while in the hospice. He suffered similarly to Marc’s father who is dealing with lung cancer caused by so many years of smoking. My grandfather smoked for almost 50 years and quit on the day he retired. By then, the damage was done.

I thought how amazing for Ruth to take on such a heavy issue in this book. Then once I started reading further, I realized this wasn’t the only heavy topic she covers. Also included in this tale are mental health issues, adultery, abandonment, abuse and more. Wow! This is some strong stuff. Ruth does a lovely job in delving into these topics without getting horribly descriptive. She tells you enough to know what is going on in a tasteful way.

Kayla is a strong character who I cheered on instantly. Having gone through so much in her life and now in an occupation that carries so much stress. I really commend all nurses and especially those who deal with death on a regular basis.

Marc is facing the time when his father will no longer be with him. He will be left alone to take care of his teenage sister. A hard task for anyone, but especially for a single guy who is in charge of running two businesses.

Both have issues dealing with the events in their past and must learn to deal with them before they can accept each other’s love.

This is a story that will reel you in and take hold of your heart.


Ruth Logan Herne said...

Oh my stars, thank you for your beautiful words, Cindy! I loved writing that book, it was a tribute to the wonderful nurses and care providers that helped with my mother's lung cancer. I am so grateful to them for their patience, their warmth, their empathy! It was a beautiful passage, although that might sound weird to some!

And throw in a hot although disgruntled hero! :)

Big kudos to Melissa Endlich of Love Inspired who took me on when many people told me no one would ever publish that story. But she loved it and we've been a team ever since. I'm so blessed to be working with her and the whole staff at LI and Harlequin. Amazing people.

Thank you for this! Bless you! And I love helping and playing with writers, so stop by Seekerville or just e-mail me. Playing with other writers is a huge blessing to me.


Cindy said...

Ruthy, I'm so glad you stopped by! I was happy to provide a great review of your novel. It was a fantastic read and greatly done. How wonderful to recognize all those nurses in your book, an amazing idea. I can't wait to get my hands and your other novels!

I will definitely stop and get in touch with you. Thanks so much!