Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Writing Corner

Aah, relaxation! Over the weekend, I finally had time to open up my book and work on it a little bit. I worked on the revisions to my first chapter based on what one of my CPs suggested. I knew something was missing and couldn’t put my finger on it, but my CP did. It’s going to make the first chapter so much better.

Things are still busy for me, so even this little bit of time was nice. This weekend looks pretty good for writing as well. My goal for the weekend is to finish the first chapter revision. Once that’s done, I’m not worrying about the first chapter for a while. I know that revising your first chapter over and over again can be a trap. So, I want to focus on completing this revision and moving on with the second chapter revision.

All the while, I’m still developing my Italian series. I had inspiration for one of the characters earlier in the week. I’m really excited about this series and sharing my family heritage through it.

Untitled Novel
Chapter           2
Page                15
Word Count    4,137/60,000

Let me know how your writing is going. Do you find it hard to carve out time to write sometimes?

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