Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hometown Promise By: Merrillee Whren

From the Back Cover:

A Chance For A New Life

For six years Lukas Frye has fought to regain control of his reckless life. He comes to Kellerville, Ohio, hoping to settle down and be the man his ailing grandfather can depend on. Lukas thinks he can put down roots in a place unsullied by his past--until he sees Juliane Keller. Juliane knows the secrets that could ruin his chance of being accepted in the place he wants to call home. But she isn't just a reminder of his past; she's a woman with secrets of her own--and a heart capable of the forgiveness and love he needs.


Hometown Promise is the first in the Kellerville series. Kellerville is an imaginary town just outside of Cincinnati – my Hometown! It was great to read about Cincinnati and feel like this sweet little place was right down the street.

For Lukas, the idea of starting over again in new town after a trouble past is extremely daunting. Add to that - someone from your past lives there. Wow! Just when you want to make a new impression because you’ve changed your life, the worries you won’t be able to do that seem insurmountable.

I think everyone has something in their past they wish to forget about and move on from. Of course, it may not be as bad Lukas’ issue with drinking. So, I really feel for him and hope he can start anew.

At the same time, Juliane, know what his past is like and finds it hard to trust Lukas. Other than knowing his past, she is hiding something that adds to that fear. It’s hard to believe these two souls can find each other through the reminder of the past and pain of the present.

I enjoyed the struggles that both characters dealt with and feel they were approached realistically. When Lukas is faced with a difficult event in his life, he considers drinking again. Instead of being perfect, this is the absolute reaction he would have in the real world. It was nice to see characters with flaws that needed work.

Juliane has to face the reappearance of her “perfect” sister at the same time as figuring out her relationship with Lukas. The insecurity of being the lesser sister is continually on her mind. It’s great to see the two sisters finally talk things through and come to terms with their own relationship.

This leaves a great opening for the next book in the series Hometown Proposal, which follows Juliane’s sister, Elise. I love that this is a series. I get to see what Juliane and Lukas are up to in the new book, too!

If you’ve read Hometown Promise, let me know your thoughts.


naida said...

Kellerville sounds like a cozy little town. Nice review!
I found your blog thru my Romance Reading Challenge. Thanks for participating, it looks like you got some nice romance reads in.

Cindy said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm happy I ran across your challenge. I have no problem reading that many books in a year, it's just making myself write the reveiws!