Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Webby Wednesday

Webby Wednesday is a weekly meme hosted by Cindy @ My Journey to Publication.

Join in by listing one of your favorite websites (or just an interesting one) and telling a little about it. Must be appropriate for all viewing audiences.

This week’s WW:

A little part of me that I haven’t written about on my blog yet is that I’m a semi-Extreme Couponer. I’m not to the degree of which you see on TLC, but on a small scale. I’ve developed my own system and amount of couponing I do. It’s what works for my family.

Well, Andrea @ Savings Lifestyle is the one who started it all for me. She has a great website and blog helping you figure out the coupon world. She lists some great deals and does the coupons match-ups for you! We have very similar beliefs in many areas, so she is my favorite coupon resource. Check out her site for some great savings tips.

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