Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday Musings

What is on my mind today? The MTV Movie Awards. I’m sure a lot of people are talking about the awards last night. Who wore what? Did the best kiss take place again on stage? Does a movie other than Twilight stand a chance? Does Kristen Stewart really deserve to win? (Seriously? I’ve seen her act and she wins the Best Actress 3 years in a row?!)

Anyways, it’s an interesting topic for me to write on because I didn’t watch it. Gasp! I know, but I outgrew the show years and years ago. It is for a teen crowd.

First, out of the 2 performers of the evening, I’ve only heard of the Foo Fighters, who started their band when most of last night’s audience was still in diapers. Lupe Fiasco featuring Trey Songz?! No clue. It doesn’t bother me. It’s not necessarily an out of touch thing, I just listen to a different genre and I’ve done so since I was in my early 20s. So, you can’t even say it’s an older person thing. Just preference... okay, and a little out of touch.

Next are the presenters. Some of them are legends (or will be) – Ashton Kutcher, Jim Carrey, Steven Spielberg to name a few. Some of them hope they’ll be around in a couple more years – Selena Gomez and Kristen Stewart. I know, I know, all the teens (and some others) do not like me at the moment. There is a good mix though for everyone and they do a good job at that.

Since I did not see the parodies I can’t comment on those, but normally they do an okay job. I usually do end up seeing these on one of the reruns of the show. Some are good, some not.

As for the categories, well, interesting. Other than the few standbys, it is nice to see a couple that are out of the norm like Best Villain. Why isn’t this category at the Oscars? It would help update it a bit… more than the jokes trying to say they’re younger and more hip. That’s a different topic. I’m not a fan of the categories that contain profanity. Is that really necessary? Don’t think so. And the winners of said categories? Purely based on popularity and not talent.

Last… the Generation Award goes to Reese Witherspoon! Really? At 35 years old she receives this award? Yes she’s been acting for 20 years, but I think that is a bit much. Great actress, I enjoy most of her movies, but she has some more time to put in before receiving such an award. Of course, to a large part of the audience, she has been around their entire lives. So, maybe it is right.

Did you watch the awards? Your thoughts?

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