Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Writing Corner

I wish there was more to report this week, but there isn’t.

My evenings this past week have been hectic. After I rush home and get dinner on the table, I get my son ready for swim lessons. So far, not thrilled with the lessons. The pool has been shut down twice due to positive Shigella testing and one other time due to weather. I figure tonight will be cancelled again due to weather… unless this rain that’s been going on for hours clears up soon. Not only that, the instructors just don’t seem to know how to teach little kids. There have been moments of hope and moments of frustration.

Then at work, I’m on a special project that is consuming most of my time during the days. Since I have other items that aren’t getting completed during the week, my weekends are used to work from home to complete reports.

Add those up and you get no time for writing. It’s okay though, sometimes you just need a moment away from writing to get a fresh perspective and clear your mind.

Hopefully after VBS next week and the closing of this project over the next few weeks, it will spell more writing time for me. We’ll see.

Untitled Novel
Chapter           2
Page                15
Word Count    4,137/60,000

Let me know how your writing is going. Is your life just a bit hectic at the moment, too?

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