Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Writing Corner

My enthusiasm to write hasn’t slowed down and my life hasn’t either. The mix of the two produces no progress on my book. Shrug. What can I say? Sometimes there are things going on that make it not possible to work on your hobby. And yes, writing is a hobby. As much as I’d like it to be a profession, it’s not paying the bills until it’s published.

It can be frustrating. I have all these ideas swirling in my head. They’re dying to get out and on to paper.

My writing style requires me to plan out a timeline of the plot. It’s the style I enjoy the most. So, before I start writing, I have the basics worked out. Yes, they may change or move around, but I have to have that to start off with.

My Italian series is still my main project I’m focusing creativity on. I still add little tidbits to my character info sheets and plot ideas when I can. Oddly enough, I have more of the plot for #4 than any other! However, I’m working on developing the first two the most.

The series will revolve around three brothers and their younger sister. They were all born here in the US; however, their parents came directly from Italy shortly after being married. When the youngest is just in her early teens, the matriarch passes away leaving them all reeling from the loss.

For book #1, I will focus on brother #2 (enough #’s for you?). Ben is the chef and feels responsible for the success of the family restaurant. Calla is a waitress working her way through culinary school. When an injury keeps Ben’s dad from helping in the kitchen, will he trust Calla to help? Or will the kitchen become a battleground?

Along with writing this series, I’m going to submit s short story to the Writer’s Digest contest. With the help of my husband, I’ve decided to use a short I wrote from a Writer’s Digest writing prompt years ago. I hope my submission will be complete by the November deadline.

The one thing that could keep me from that deadline is my new journey in life… school. Earlier this summer, after consulting with my husband, I decided to go to college. A big step since I went straight into the workforce after high school (well, during my junior year).

Everything is ready and in four weeks, I will start my first class with the hopes of getting my Bachelor’s in just over 4 years.

Even though I love writing, it will take a backseat to my newest endeavor. But it won’t be forgotten and I will still fit it in where possible.


Eileen Astels Watson said...

Congratulations on going back to school! May your learning journey bring you much enjoyment, Cindy!

I'm here if you want me to proof that short before sending it in to the contest.

Cindy said...

Thanks, Eileen.

I will definitely take you up on my short once I have it finished. Thanks so much for your encouragement.