Monday, February 27, 2012

All Things Twilight

During late December to Mid-January, I read the entire Twilight saga. I put off reading it for quite a while. Then I finally decided to jump in. The major reason I held off is the mania behind it. I don't understand it when something such as a movie stirs up the excitement such as Twilight has. I finally just looked past it all and started.

I love reading so it didn't take me long to get through them. I loved the stories. An old idea with an original take. I enjoyed S. Meyers ideas on vampires and how she gave the Cullen's such redeeming qualities. By the end of Breaking Dawn, I wanted to be a vampire for the fact they're pretty much perfect. Wouldn't it be nice to be absolutely beautiful and invincible without having to deal with human necessities? I could do with out the blood drinking, but the other parts would be a dream.

I had seen Twilight and New Moon so I knew what was coming as I read through those. As for Eclipse and Breaking Dawn, I wanted to read those before seeing the movies. They were absolutely exciting reads and I loved every single book. They have been so much better than the movies that they're kind of hard to watch even though I want to see them all - repeating the first ones to compare.

I did have some issues with the writing. It seemed it was basic writing to me. Great ideas, but would have been absolutely wonderful if the editor would have required a little more polish. And my biggest pet peeve? The use of whisper, whispered, etc. Seriously? How many times can you use that word over and over? There are so many other ways to relate that someone is talking quietly and without even using a word to describe it. I think it was Eclipse in which I ran a search on the word in my Kindle and it was used around 200 times! And it wasn't just Eclipse that was like this. It was all of the books.

Other than that, I loved them and hated to see them end. I hope that S. Meyers decides to write another series following Reneesme. What a great series that would be. And I love series books. They've always been my favorite.

As for the movies, the first two I saw quite a while ago and don't remember them too well. I want to go back and watch again after reading the books. Over the weekend, I saw Eclipse. Hopefully I will get to see Breaking Dawn - Part 1 in the next few weeks.

The acting in the movies doesn't match with my inner thoughts on the books, but they're not too far off on some points. As for Kristen Stewart as the choice for Bella - really? I know some hardcore Twilight fans won't be happy with me, but I just don't care for her acting and wish Bella would have been cast better. Of course, since being a couple in real life, you can't deny the chemistry between her and Robert Pattinson. I think they did fantastic casting Robert as Edward. He fits well. He does a pretty good job acting, too. Taylor Lautner is so so. Not bad, not great. I feel someone else could have fit into the role a little better.

As for the mania surrounding the movies and books? Don't get it. Yes, great stories and loved them. Really like the movies. But to stand in line at midnight to see the next movie or buy the DVD? Don't understand it. However, if I'm ever published, I wouldn't mind getting the same reaction. :-)

No matter the mania surrounding it, I highly recommend reading all 4 books and then checking out the movies. It will be time well spent.

Not sure what will come in my next post. I've been on a book made into movie kick the past few months. So, it will either be The Help or The Hunger Games. Probably The Hunger Games. I absolutely loved it and can't wait until I can borrow #2 on March 1 and #3 on April 1. This is actually one movie that I will be heading to the theaters to see as well.

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Jenna Victoria said...

I felt the same as you on the quality of the writing - basic, foundational, nothing earth shattering. But she built a world that sucked us in... and the movies helped this happen. I also agree re: Bella/Taylor Lautner. Robert is a great Edward. The funny thing? I physically modeled the heroine in my romantic suspense after Robert's sister, Alice, as portrayed by Ashley Greene.