Friday, February 24, 2012

Where to Begin

It's been a few months since posting. I've been getting used to scheduling school, family and personal time. It's been interesting and tiring at the same time.

My first 1/2 semester in school went really well. I took a class in Counseling and another for Pscyh 101. Not in the human services degree dept, my electives just kind of worked out that way. They were fun and I did well. I had a couple weeks that were hectic and required a lot of work. But other than that, it wasn't too bad.

My second semester started in January. I'm taking Algebra and Public Speaking. I only have one more class in Public Speaking and that one is done. Yay! Algebra is the entire semester. So, I'm half through that. Then after spring break, I add Anthropology. That will be interesting. I'm enjoying taking the classes as an adult. I've developed a much better sense of the importance than I would have directly out of high school. It's even fun. Gasp! I know, school fun? Yes, even the algebra.

Unfortunately, studying and homeowork take all my extra time. So, writing is not even on my mind. I still come up with ideas and jot them down so I don't forget. But the actual writing is not happening. I'm okay with it though because I realize that there are more important things to do right now. And these classes will ultimately help me in my writing. My public speaking class even has an entire section on wording which crosses over. It will help to give me background for my characters as well.

It's been nice meeting new people that are my age and going through the same thing. A great experience all around even if writing has to take a back seat. I'm very thankful to have this opportunity to go back to school and learn. I'm so thankful God provided this opportunity for me.

Until next time...

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